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Facials/Esthetic Treatments

Treat yourself to the gift of beautiful, healthy, vitalized and youthful looking skin. Our facials are used with a high-quality product line that is gentle, yet effective.  It is paraben free, natural and ideal for treating all skin types and ethnicities.  For optimal results, facials are highly recommended every 6-8 weeks.


Signature Custom Facial

This facial is customized based on the individual’s skin issues and needs.  It consists of a complete cleansing of the skin, exfoliation, relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage, and a hydrating mask treatment.  $80/60 minutes

Enzyme Facial

This facial includes all of the components of the Signature Custom Facial in addition to an enzyme mask which gives a deeper exfoliation for congested, sluggish skin.  $90/60 minutes​



Cleansing Back Facial

This back treatment is designed to target those hard to reach spots on the back.  

It consists of a deep cleanse, exfoliation and purification of the back and includes all the components of the signature facial in addition to a relaxing back massage.  $100/60 minutes


Vitamin C/Anti-Aging Facial

This facial uses all products derived from Vitamin C which is known as the anti-aging antioxidant vitamin.  It creates a brighter, smoother and more youthful complexion and helps reverse the signs of aging by firming the skin and reducing wrinkles.   $85/60 minutes


Acne/Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

This facial is designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin and combat acne.  It includes a complete cleanse, exfoliation, steam, extractions and calming mask.  This facial is an outstanding choice for congested and troubled skin.  $90/60 minutes

Rosacea Relief Facial

This facial treats rosacea and sensitive skin with products containing soothing botanicals and antioxidants to balance reddened/irritated skin and combat signs of aging.  Powerful antioxidants like green tea, acai berry, and Vitamins C and E reduce inflammation to reveal soft, healthy glowing skin.  $85/60 minutes


Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning is a form of manual exfoliation where a sterile, surgical grade blade is stroked along the skin to gently remove dead skin cells and vellus hair from the top layer of skin.  This, in turn, leaves an extremely smooth surface and allows topical products to absorb deeper and be more effective.  It reduces the appearance of fine lines, evens skin tone and assists in reducing milia, closed and open comedones, and minor breakouts associated with congested pores.  

All components of the Signature Custom Facial are included with this treatment.

$115/75 minutes



Rezenerate FACTORFIVE Facial

This advanced esthetic treatment is an optimal nutrient delivery to the skin.  It is perfect for the client who desires fast results, no downtime, and a non-invasive procedure that causes no pain or discomfort.  It is targeted for fine lines and wrinkles, sun and acne spots, and hyperpigmentation.  In this facial 15 minutes is spent conditioning the skin and creating millions of microscopic channels in the upper layers of the epidermis, therefore making it ultra absorbent for product penetration.  FACTORFIVE serum, the product used in this facial is composed of concentrated human stem cell growth factors and effectively targets wrinkles, sun spots, tightness, thickness, texture and more.  A series of 6 Rezenerate Facials spaced 4-6 weeks apart is highly recommended for optimal results.  $145/60 minutes



LED Light Therapy Service*

LED or Light Emitting Diode, is used to improve healing time, encourage product penetration, and aid in the cellular metabolic process.  We offer the following:


RED: Anti-aging; combats wrinkles and increases collagen production

For smoother, younger looking skin


BLUE: Anti-acne; eliminate acne-causing bacteria, reduces acne


GREEN: Helps regulate pigmentation and even skin complexion


YELLOW: Redness reducer; alleviates redness from inflammation,sunburn and rosacea


*This service can be added to any facial. $20/15 minutes

***Mini versions of most facials are available for clients short on time.  Please ask your esthetician for more details and pricing.


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